We provide custom software development to suit your needs. A needs analysis is performed and recommendations are made according to your budget. We provide a custom solution for a variety of programming platforms and environments. Software is generally built available on the web and accessible from anywhere on any device that has an internet connection and a web browser (certain niche projects may not have any user interface).

There are many reasons to seek the creation of your own custom software.

Here are some signs that you might need software development

  • Entering the same data into multiple programs or websites
  • People have to ask others to get out of things to accomplish their duties
  • Certain computer tasks require staff to be in the office
  • There are tedious computer tasks that people cringe or put off
  • It takes a lot of time to find the status of things
  • You have people waiting for a notebook or piece of paper regularly
  • People get tired of erasing and rewriting things on dry erase or chalk boards
  • Critical tasks aren’t getting done because they are not user friendly

Here are some types of projects

  • Connectors – Connecting two different software programs
  • Plugins – Small additions to existing software
  • Phone / Tablet Apps – Run on small devices, usually connected to internet backend but some operations available without connectivity
  • Automations – Programs that automate tasks that are usually done manually, freeing up the employee and improving the consistency and accuracy of the task
  • Web Apps – Available from any device with a internet and a web browser
  • Conversion Projects – Move from older custom software to newer software
  • Standalone – Applications that just run on one computer with their data stored in files or only on one system

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does building software take?
  • We break projects into phases or steps with the intent of delivering something that provides value as soon as possible. We do our best to get base projects done in 30 – 60 days so some functionality is available. Afterwards we create smaller windows (2 – 8 weeks) where new functionality is delivered in line with your budget.
  • Do I need a phone app for my business?
  • Maybe. It is more and more difficult to get clients to add your app permanently to the phone. We like to make sure that all projects are as accessible from mobile devices and tablets as they are on the phone. This sometimes allows the best of both worlds and gives us the option of using a shell app (short development window) to work off of your primary web application. Main reasons for a phone app are creating unique value for your customers, providing access when internet is unavailable, and the need to access direct functions of the phone or tablet.
  • Can I afford this?
  • Probably the most common question, but it has many answers. Not every concept is directly worth it and an analysis will help understand the cost vs. the benefits of the application. Average projects for Open InfoTech Solutions are around $3,000 but we have done projects from $300 to $125,000. We don’t have a minimum project size or a minimum cost for a project. We also break functionality into components, so you can choose the base project with different options and skip some other features. Some projects may have long term value that far exceeds initial and ongoing costs. It is also important to recognize that the cost of labor will always increase, so any time you can save your employees will provide ongoing value in terms of labor cost of goods or services. Reducing the human labor required for any process improves your competitive advantage. This can also improve retention by taking tedious tasks off the plate of your most valued employees.